9 Tips for Being Mindful and Purposeful

Everyone knows the feeling of being so busy that they feel as if they’re constantly running from one thing to the next without ever taking time to actually enjoy life. Whether it’s work, school, volunteering, or personal projects, we find ourselves so focused on achieving our goals that we don’t take time to stop and appreciate where we are in our lives right now. Being mindful and purposeful requires us to not only stop and smell the roses but to focus on what we’re doing in each moment and why we’re doing it.

1) Wake Up Early

Getting up a little bit earlier each day can have a big effect on your productivity. Every extra hour you’re awake is an extra hour you can use to get things done — and that’s reason enough to try it. Just try waking up an hour earlier one day, then two hours earlier another day; see what works best for you. Chances are, if you schedule some early-morning activities ahead of time (like exercise or meditation), waking up before work will start to feel like part of your regular routine. And once you establish that habit, getting out of bed won’t seem nearly as difficult!

2) Listen to Music

When people are listening to music, they tend to forget about their surroundings. To be mindful is to be completely present in any given moment without judgment or attachment. When you’re listening to your favorite tune, you aren’t paying attention to what other people are doing around you, nor are you judging what’s going on outside of your headspace. You simply exist in that moment of time, feeling whatever emotions it brings up within you.

3) Keep Things Organized

Do you keep a messy desk at work? It might be making you unproductive. While many people find it easier to focus in a messy environment, people who study productivity say that they work better in an organized, tidy space. If you feel more productive in a clutter-free environment, clean up your desk and see if it boosts your focus and job performance. If it does, make sure to keep things orderly in the future; if not, don’t feel bad about leaving things as they are. You don’t have to change every little thing in order to be more productive; sometimes small adjustments can make a big difference when it comes to enhancing productivity levels overall.

4) Make Eye Contact

When you’re in a meeting, glance at each person around the table every three to five minutes. People instinctively know when you’re not paying attention to them, so eye contact makes it clear that you are there to listen, not just hear yourself talk. Make sure your eyes make contact with everyone in an open manner — no staring or darting around. If someone is looking away from you, wait for their gaze to meet yours before speaking again. And never look at your phone during meetings — it looks rude even if it’s turned off!

5) Practice Patience

When times get tough, it’s easy to fall into a negative mindset. If you’re feeling discouraged, it’s important to try to channel your focus toward what is working — not what isn’t. Instead of panicking over a deal that didn’t come through or stressing over a workload that seems too much, take a step back and remember to keep yourself in check. Sometimes all it takes is one positive outlook on a situation to help give you clarity on how best to move forward. Remember: patience can be rewarded if you let it!

6) Volunteer

Volunteering is a great way to be positive, meet new people, and make a difference in your community. Volunteering allows you to give back to those less fortunate but also gives you a chance to learn something new about yourself. It can also help bring purpose into your life: rather than just doing things because they’re supposed to be fun or fulfilling, you do them because you feel it’s important that everyone enjoy their lives as much as possible. With that in mind, here are some simple ways you can start being more mindful and purposeful right now

7) Don’t Worry About the Small Stuff

There’s an old saying that if you aren’t good at something, it isn’t worth doing. But when it comes to maintaining a positive outlook on life, as well as your career, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Don’t worry about what other people think — after all, they don’t know you as you do. Let go of those little things; after all, those are really what matters in life.

8) Be Aware of Your Thoughts

We all have regrets about things we should have done differently, but getting caught up in what could have been can make it hard to appreciate what’s happening right now. When you find yourself thinking negatively, tell yourself to stop, or take a break from whatever you’re doing. Pay attention to your thoughts — don’t get wrapped up in them. Taking a step back will help you focus on what matters most: being mindful of your body and mind. It will also give you a clear-eyed view of your day — and that will help keep your purpose insight as well.

9) Get Outside

Getting outside is one of my favorite ways to destress. The benefits are not only physical but mental as well. I find being in nature puts me in a better mood, lowers my blood pressure, helps me think more clearly, and makes me feel at peace with whatever is going on. It might sound silly, but spending some time just walking around your neighborhood or exploring a park you’ve never been to can do wonders. You’ll come back feeling refreshed — plus you’ll get extra steps on your Fitbit if that’s what you’re into! I recommend taking some time after work every day to go out on an adventure or walk around your city; it will rejuvenate you while also giving you new things to appreciate about where you live!



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Mareza Dowlen

Mareza Dowlen

Freelance writer/ upcoming author living in Atlanta GA